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       March of 2020, Covid 19. Nearly 3 months of Covid solitary, New York City was on fire yet again. The Black Lives Matter movement ignited the people out of their homes and into the streets to call for change and bring awareness. 

Curfews were set and the city was feeling the impact, yet again. The storefronts throughout the SoHo district were boarded-up with plywood.


       Skulls & Souls has set out to reclaim that which has been taken over by fear and give new light and life into what has been provided to us in our given time.  Skulls are symbols of strength; the souls of those rendered on the city streets were fueled by their unique fire that left a mark on this world. 

       It is an honor to be present. As pieces disappear, it serves as a reminder to appreciate what we have while we can.  Such beautiful entropy. 

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